Posted in Diary, Prince Edward Island


I’m walking to work on Monday morning before 8 am, and it’s a cold April day. In the distance I see a tree, lit with white lights, near the sidewalk. It is leafless, with grey branches. It is quite close to the “comfort tree” I looked for daily in December. I come closer and see they aren’t lights but buds. Large magnolia buds. I feel grateful for magnolias. I hadn’t noticed there were magnolia trees on Rochford Street before. I think of the mass of splendid magnolias I saw last year on the rambling bush-trees on Passmore Street; soon they will bloom again. My mind goes ahead to my morning walks past the trees on Rochford as the buds get bigger, plumper, the blossoms grow and spread and soften, my mind travels ahead to the blooming, so much later than the places I lived before, this PEI spring. But yes, magnolia trees in Prince Edward Island, and my heart travels forward to the blooming. And I smile. The rain is like sleet, but I keep the magnolia buds in mind and it all softens. It is all quite soft and not cold at all. I give thanks for magnolias.