Everyday Inspiration

To live is to change

Leap, and the net will appear John Burroughs I have been inspired by this quotation since I first encountered it in Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way many years ago. It has helped me with so many leaps since then. Leap and the net will appear. Granted, sometimes the net is not exactly where I’d hoped […]

A Long Walk with Stairs

The sunshine has been pulling me outdoors recently, and I’ve been exploring unfamiliar areas close to my new home. This afternoon I went down to the water’s edge—it’s my first spring here and I want to know how the river is when her ice breaks up. This path meant a lot of stairs, down and […]

Temple, a poem

Last summer I wrote a poem called “Temple”, inspired by my favourite waterfall in Fundy National Park. I’ve made a short video (2 minutes) to go with the poem. It was fun to play around with the movie software to see if I could put my concept into visual terms. You might need to turn […]