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Summertime Reading Event

I’m looking forward to reading in Stratford on Saturday with Orysia Dawydiak, Jeff Bursey, Kathleen Hamilton, and Steven Mayoff. I’ll be reading some fiction from my current manuscript. Arts East did a great little piece on us: a “Rogue’s Gallery”. Check it out here. If you’re in PEI, drop by! The reading starts at 2 pm and there will be some nibbles afterwards too.



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galleonIt’s exciting for writers and readers in Atlantic Canada that Lee Thompson is reviving Galleon, a literary journal. And it’s exciting for me that Lee asked me to be one of the associate editors. He’s assembled a fine crew, which is no surprise considering how many writers Lee rubs shoulders with. A call for submissions for the first issue will go out in April, but Lee is accepting subscriptions now.

Check it out here.



Back to the Beginning

This was my first wordpress blog, and it used to be called Delphinium. Then I moved to bethwebnews because I wanted to change to a more casual, newsy writing style. And now, I’ve rebuilt this blog into my main website under the address and my blog has come home again. Funny how that happens. Some wanderers do come home!

I recommend you take a hop over to bethwebnews to see what I was up to between January 2012 to February 2014. You also might enjoy seeing pictures and posts from my trip to Japan in the spring of 2012. Click here to take a look. Visitors tell me they enjoy the Japanese food photo essay.

At this point, the website is still under construction, but I hope to complete it in a week or two.¬†For blog information and to subscribe, click on the menu at the very top of this page which looks like 3 horizontal lines (it’s called widgets).

Thanks for visiting. I promise to post more regularly here in my new/old home.