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Temple, a poem

waterfall, Fundy National Park

Last summer I wrote a poem called “Temple”, inspired by my favourite waterfall in Fundy National Park. I’ve made a short video (2 minutes) to go with the poem. It was fun to play around with the movie software to see if I could put my concept into visual terms. You might need to turn your volume up to hear it properly.

Click here to see the movie.


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Every Little Step

When I was a teenager, I used to have a photocopy of a medley from A Chorus Line propped on the piano ledge, and I would play and sing it with a lot of emotion. Tonight, the audience for Every Little Step was small in the repertory cinema, but I was too shy to sing along out loud. Instead, I mouthed the words. I hadn’t heard these songs in years, but my heart just leapt up at the first song. For some reason I was close to tears through most of the documentary. It moved me, and it reminded me. The movie follows the audition process for a recent Broadway version of A Chorus Line as well as documents how the original musical came to be made. While watching the movie,  it struck me how brutal the process is on the dancers—they are constantly being evaluated and no one sugar coats their opinions. It’s not that the evaluators are mean people, just, that’s how it is, and I guess dancers learn how to handle the constant rejection. And yet, they still give these beautiful, vulnerable performances. I liked this line by one of the auditioning dancers, something like, “I put all my eggs in one basket. I have nothing to fall back on. If you have something to fall back on, you’ll fall back on it.” I remember being that passionate, that committed. Maybe there never really has been anything else to fall back on except our chosen art form.

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seeds in the ground

My plans for Delphinium: short posts, poems, links, photos. Also, thoughts about movies, books, music and little events from my day. Writing exercises. Questions. And really, I don’t know what else exactly because I’m just getting started. My rule (at least for now) is 250 words. I used it before as a way to make prose poems from journal entries. If you want to try it, just write on a topic or tell about your day at length and then shorten it to 250 words using the word count tool as a guide. About my day: I didn’t want to sit at home and stare at the phone, willing a future employer to call, so I went out into the sunshine, down to the harbour to pretend to be a tourist. I looked at PEI t-shirts, chatted with the soap shop girl, sat on a bench looking out at the yachts, passed a little girl with a starfish in her hand from the touch tank, bought 4 gaudy paper stars for the price of 3 and carried them home with a smile. I’m still thinking about the movie Easy Virtue (which I saw last night) and why I empathize so strongly with escape. Last week I saw Private Lives at The Montgomery Theatre. The dialogue was sharp and funny. It seems the dialogue in Easy Virtue suffered in the screenplay. Must try to read the original of Easy Virtue. Never thought much about Noel Coward before, but now I am.