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A Long Walk with Stairs

The sunshine has been pulling me outdoors recently, and I’ve been exploring unfamiliar areas close to my new home. This afternoon I went down to the water’s edge—it’s my first spring here and I want to know how the river is when her ice breaks up. This path meant a lot of stairs, down and then up. When I got home I thought to myself: “There’s a big difference between a long walk and a long walk with stairs.”

So that’s my insight for you today. Give yourself credit for the stairs, and rest a little more. Inner work, creative work, spiritual work, and emotional transformation: these activities take a lot of energy, use different muscles, and require a special kind of focus. Just like stairs. Whatever it is in your life that you realize takes something more of you than you have been acknowledging, honour it. Honour yourself and the work you do with the stairs.

I believe in you.


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Course Offerings

What Wants to Change?

At this time of year, when the leaves are turning colour and falling off the trees and chilly nights are becoming the norm, continuing our usual routines and activities can feel strained. There are changes needed. We can feel this, and yet not know exactly how to turn aside from our typical thoughts and patterns and offer ourselves the kind of self-care and nurturing that we long for. Or perhaps there is a new creative expression that wants space or a call for a different kind of vibrancy. Only you can discover what this unique change is that your soul would most love right now.

This facilitated drop-in series is for our autumn selves, who want ease, companionship, cosiness, and support as darkness gets a little longer as the days pass toward December. Our focus is on our inner environments, whether we start inside our hearts or inside our homes. We come together to listen, to write, reflect, and share, to be guided by our intuition and by the synchronicity of the gathering.

Note: These are intimate, small group gatherings which meet via Zoom. Please, pre-register before dropping in.

You are invited to come to one, several, or all of the meetings. The gathering is built on respect, honesty, and your own inner authority. There is never any pressure to share more than feels comfortable to you. We gather and do a short guided meditation to bring us into our embodied selves, from where we can trust our hearts, where we can feel in our bones, what needs to change. Bring a notebook and a pen for your written reflections.

Dates and Times:

3:00 to 4:30 Pacific Time; 4:00-5:30 Mountain Time,

6:00 to 7:30 Eastern Time; 7:00 to 8:30 Atlantic Time

·         Saturday, October 24

·         Saturday, October 31

·         Sunday, November 8

·         Wednesday, November 18

·         Saturday, November 28

Cost for a single session: choose between $45 / $30 CAD

Cost for 3 sessions: choose between $125 / $80 CAD

Payment methods available: e-transfer (Canada only) and PayPal

To register, please fill out this registration form or email me at beth.janzen13@gmail.com


Tiny Projects of Light

Course Offerings

Registration is open for TPoL Series 2

My next online course offering is starting on September 3rd, 2020 and registration is now live. The first series, called Building Up & Letting Go, ended on Thursday evening. It was an amazing experience for all of us. It made me realize that my students are and always have been my muses.

Here are the details about the new 5 week offering:

Inner Peace & Outer Peace: Creating More Harmony at Home

To make the gentle changes in our home environments that will bring us the most joy, we need to go beyond decluttering and organizing our things. In this unique offering, we will explore what delights us and what frustrates us in our homes. We will become more sensitive and attuned to our inner experiences and move toward understanding the connection and relationships between our outer and inner environments. By questioning our thoughts and beliefs, we can learn to untangle some of the ropes that inhibit our freedom. In a supportive, intimate group, we can learn to make choices to support our inner peace and outer peace and learn how they mirror one another.

Beth has more than two decades of experience creating safe containers for learning. Her approach is gentle, inclusive, and supportive. While encouraging the group’s intimacy, Beth also respects and honours your inner knowing and need for privacy. Her approach allows you to go as deeply as you feel comfortable at any time.

Note: A sliding scale is available for the registration cost, to accommodate the diverse circumstances of participants


Thursdays, September 3, 10, 17, 24 and October 1st

7:30 – 9:15 Atlantic Time

6:30 to 8:15 Eastern Standard Time

4:30 to 6:15 Mountain Time

This series will be held on Zoom. For greater ease of participants, sessions will not be recorded. If participants need to miss a session, alternate engagement will be offered.

This series is limited to 5 people.

Registration is currently open. Click here to be taken to the registration form.


In Edmonton, July 14, 2020

I’m enjoying my soft launch of Tiny Projects of Light. Every day is an adventure. Today, I offer this short video, which I made in my current Airbnb in Edmonton. The bowl of stones is part of the décor. That’s fortuitous, as I gave away my stone collection in June. It seems there will always be lovely flat round stones to play with.

TPoL Video, July 14, 2020