Art in the Open 2011

Pictures I took at Art in the Open in Charlottetown on August 27, 2011. This was a fantastic and fun event on a perfect summer evening. Click on individual pictures to see them large size. Use your back key to return to the gallery. –Beth Janzen

2 thoughts on “Art in the Open 2011

  1. za says:

    Hey Beth,
    Thanks for the pics. I really wanted to go but couldn’t, so seeing your pics was great. I love the sand sculpture. I love this whole concept actually. I hope they do it again next year. Makes art fun and accesible to everyone.
    I saw on the news that someone had lots of old televisions up in a tree. The tv’s were on and tuned to the analog chanels. (in light of the fact that this will soon not be an option…) Well, thanks again Beth, looking fwd to your next post.

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