About Beth


About Beth, a friend’s perspective

Beth is the kind of person that strangers naturally trust. She has a presence that inspires confidences. She is one of the least judgmental people that I know, and the judgments she has are all open to her calm questioning. She is one of those who is a true seeker, one who has experienced suffering and walks the path of healing by doing her inner work with deep courage, alone and with others. Her friends trust her intuition, intelligence, and insight, and her co-workers come to her for support, advice, and creative problem-solving. Her writing, both poetry and fiction, is not easily forgotten. It explores what it means to be a spiritual being in a physical world. Her guidance is spot-on, and I trust her perspectives on increasing freedom and awareness. I highly recommend her as a guide to living authentically.


Beth is a passionate learner, with a B.Ed. and an M.A. and countless hours logged in independent study for pleasure in the fields which feed Tiny Project of Light. She has taught in different provinces and different fields for many years. She is a published poet and fiction writer as well. She is led by her passion and her desire to lead a life of authenticity, creativity, courage and wholeness.

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