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A Long Walk with Stairs

The sunshine has been pulling me outdoors recently, and I’ve been exploring unfamiliar areas close to my new home. This afternoon I went down to the water’s edge—it’s my first spring here and I want to know how the river is when her ice breaks up. This path meant a lot of stairs, down and then up. When I got home I thought to myself: “There’s a big difference between a long walk and a long walk with stairs.”

So that’s my insight for you today. Give yourself credit for the stairs, and rest a little more. Inner work, creative work, spiritual work, and emotional transformation: these activities take a lot of energy, use different muscles, and require a special kind of focus. Just like stairs. Whatever it is in your life that you realize takes something more of you than you have been acknowledging, honour it. Honour yourself and the work you do with the stairs.

I believe in you.


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