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Expected things about moving: staying up late, feeling exhausted & cranky, gusts of anxiety and visits to the land of overwhelm. But the surprises: coming back to the living room after all the furniture is gone, the wood floor glowing warm from the cool window light and so spacious! I think to myself, How beautiful it is. My glance is a lover’s glance when he suddenly sees the face of the girl in the face of the old woman he loves and remembers why he fell in love in the first place….


alchemist, writer, artist, creativity mentor, seeker of beauty and joy

2 thoughts on “Moving

  1. Ahhh…Sweet Beth. I remember feeling like this when I left my apartment. You do have a way with words.This place will also miss you, your energy and all the love & life you brought to it. Sometimes though you have to take a leap and see what happens. Za x

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