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Quebec Rest Stops

After passing the turn-off for Riviere-du-Loup, rounding the bend where the highway changes, coming around to the St. Lawrence, there is the rest stop on the right. Thank goodness! Made it through the mountain road to the seaway and here is a place to pee, nap, have a snack. I love the rest stops on Route 20 going down to Montreal. They are warm, clean, bright, and safe. There are people walking their dogs, truckers pulled over for a snooze, and usually a little kiosk selling hot beverages and food during the daytime hours. They are a very quick place to take care of the body’s needs and take a mental break.

Sunday morning was gorgeous & cold. I pulled in around 8:30 to this rest stop near Saint-Hyacinthe. An older gentleman was doing the morning cleaning. Thank you, Sir, for keeping the facilities tidy! And thank you Quebec for your lovely, compact, and efficient rest stops!


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