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Spider, Catch & Release

When you see the spider, you will be talking on the phone with a friend or you will be naked and have one foot in the bathtub. Or, you will be just about to turn off the light and go to sleep. You do not want to kill the spider. You also do not want the spider to be running around getting into trouble while you are talking on the phone, washing your hair, or sleeping. Especially not while you are sleeping. So, you grab your handy-dandy spider catching kit. A kitchen glass and a piece of paper will do for starters. You pop the glass over the spider and then you carefully slide the paper under the spider so that it is trapped in the glass by the paper. This is a delicate operation the first few times you do it. You do not want to tangle up the spider’s legs or somehow get spooked and let it escape. However, it gets easier the more often you practice. Eventually, you will use a half-size yogurt container and a piece of cardboard and you will leave these two items by the back door for easy retrieval. Not that there are hundreds of spiders in your apartment on the ground floor of an old house. But there certainly are a significant number and almost always a big black one just before a rain or when it has already started to pour. You recently replaced the opaque yogurt tub with a clear plastic sundae container from Dairy Queen. You have found this, along with the rectangular piece of white cardboard, to be ideal. There is even an “S” on the bottom of the container! Sometimes you feel a little guilty about leaving the spider to fret under this man-made dome while you have your shower, get dressed, and eat breakfast. But then you think to yourself: That spider is lucky that I am a “catch and release” kind of gal. You open the back door and hold the cardboard at one end. You lift the cup and shake the spider off the cardboard gently. You watch as it lands on its feet on the wood of the backporch and hesitates for a moment, getting its bearings. And then it disappears between the slats. You will see it the next time it rains.


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4 thoughts on “Spider, Catch & Release

  1. I Like the way u write,so easy flowing yet so captivating.I too like to try my hand in writing.Today I chanced upon your blog& I am inspired.Thanks.I love to watch the spider when its weaving a web,& the sunrays bring in hues of colour spectrum to the silky threads it becomes a feast for the eyes! kitty

  2. Ditto – spiders are our friends – when they’re up in that hard to reach corner, nibbling on moths and flies and, hopefully, mosquitoes! This still won’t prevent me from squealing when one runs over my body or lands on my pillow, so we’re eyeball to eyeballs?

  3. Love it!! I dislike killing spiders too. First, I don’t want to cause any rain, (you must have heard if you kill a spider that it will rain…) Secondly why should I kill it just because it gives me the creepies…Love the catch and release plan of action. Za x

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