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I didn’t buy bread at the Supermarket yesterday. I bought whole wheat wraps. Instead of having a piece of toast this morning, I dotted a wrap with butter, spread some apple slices and havarti cheese on it, folded it over, and put it under the broiler. I took it out when the top was brown and the cheese was melted. Mmmmmmmm. Delicious. As I was eating, enjoying the flavours, some melted salty butter trickled and I thought This butter is dancing on my tongue! I am so grateful.

Thank you cows. Thank you dairy farmers. Thank you grocery store. Thank you body for not being allergic to dairy anymore. Thank you Pat at Forever Healthy. Thank you tongue. Thank you ancestors who figured out how to churn butter. Thank you ADL people. Thank you plants that the cows that this butter came from ate. Thank you fridge which kept this butter cold. Thank you butter.


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4 thoughts on “Butter

  1. “Thank you plants that the cows that this butter came from ate” because the plants served the cows that were noble heifers that knew their place in the pasture, under the blue sky of summer and the grey sky of winter, and knew, too, the rough touch of the farmer’s hands on their udders, and the release that followed that was good, and noble because it gave life to men and women and children, but some of us from the war, where we fought for those men and women and children, could not know such release because the trenches and no-man’s land are not noble places, and pastureland is.

    Papa H.

  2. Awesome Beth. Good to be grateful for the little things. We have switched entirely to butter, no margarine. Something about it is comforting. In NL all yellow spreads like margarine are referred to as “butter” but clearly there is a big difference.
    Wonder where the saying “butter me up” came from? Well, thanks for helping me start the say grateful for the small moments. And your combo sounds yummie! You also seem to becoming (or have always been?) quite the photographer. I’m enjoying your pics.

    1. Thanks, Za. I grew up with Schneiders margarine in purple and turqouise tubs. We called it “butter” too even though we knew it wasn’t. It was very convenient in terms of “spreadability” – the taste was kind of neutral. Not exciting like butter is. I am still trying to figure out the “leave butter out” thing – some people do that. How come it works? Thanks for the comment on my pictures – I have been into photography in my own way for years but have only recently started to share my pictures with the wider world.

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