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Today, 10 Great Things


  1. The bank guy calling me a “very young lady” in surprise when we were discussing stuff to do with wills. I didn’t point out that I am probably older than he is. Made me smile.
  2. The librarian knowing my name and calling after me to say there was a book on hold for me there.
  3. Anticipation of enjoying said book: Beach: A Book of Treasure.
  4. On a sunny morning, running down the sidewalk into my lover’s embrace.
  5. Two-for-one biscotti at Lady Bakers Tea Bar. And knowing that biscotti are waiting for me to snack on at work tomorrow, tucked into a drawer.
  6. Sunshine! Hot day! 29 degree high!
  7. Leftover lasagna for lunch.
  8. Colleague complimenting the photo of trees, river, and rainbow, which I took myself, in Maine last year.
  9. Walking home knowing that I have watermelon in my fridge.
  10. Nasturtiums which looked pretty limp in their little pots when I bought them, now flourishing beautifully.



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2 thoughts on “Today, 10 Great Things

    1. Thanks, Za – glad that you like it! As you can tell, I am a fan of lists.
      I do a version of this nightly and call it The Abundance List. You can see the list of questions on an old post here.

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