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Coming slowly awake this morning, I perceived that it wasn’t a sunny morning, a morning still humid and somewhat warm, but overcast. When I checked the Environment Canada weather on the net oh horror of horrors! the beautiful warm string of 5 sunny days predicted yesterday for Charlottetown had disappeared, almost entirely. A little rain cloud settled over my own head. Like a child, I found myself pouting: you promised! I imagine someone pelting eggs and rotten tomatoes at a weather forecaster somewhere.

The weather on Prince Edward Island is… well, there is no way to sum it up in one word or phrase. Winters are long. Springs are delayed, wet, and quick. Summers are…. Summers can be glorious or they can be awful. Awful because we keep hoping for sunshine and warm temperature and we get cool temperatures and rain. And a precious sunny day here and there. Is it REALLY that bad? I spent the first half of my childhood in the Southern U.S. and the second half in Southern Ontario. Even after all these years living elsewhere I must have some residual benchmark internalized so that every year I can hear a voice saying: you call this a summer?!?! 

But the truth is, I love Prince Edward Island. I love the sun glittering on the snow in winter. I love the muddy spring. I love the beach on a hot windy day. I love the lush green leaves and the hummingbirds on an overcast summer day. I love seeing foxes no matter what the season. I love the different shades and rhythms of the ceaseless and powerful ocean. I love falling asleep listening to the rain on the roof. I love the red and yellow leaves in the autumn and the invigorating fall aromas.

Lots of wise people advise us not to sweat the small stuff or waste our energies trying to change things that are outside of our control. The weather is probably at the top of the list of THINGS I CANNOT CONTROL. And is the weather so bad right now, right at this very moment? Or is it the anticipation of the days ahead – that they will disappoint? Staying in the present moment, as much as possible, is something I will try to do to combat The PEI Weather Blues.

A couple of weeks ago I was at a workshop with Mike Scott, on storytelling. He sang a song that had these words in the chorus:

You get just one day

to have a good day:

the kind of day you have

is mostly up to you.

Walking around Charlottetown last week, I noticed that the flowers were budding and blooming even though June’s temperatures were cool. I can do that too. And I will.

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2 thoughts on “Weather

  1. The weather where I live is very like what st. john’s, nl is like, and the steady rain can be a downer. Still, every day alive is a good day, no matter the weather. When it’s sunny here the place is beautiful and cheering, so I hope the Sol comes back out soon.

  2. I can relate Beth. I had like feelings this morning, only morelike…ugg..not again. BUt like you I also appreciate PEI in all its glorious beauty. Sometimes I think I might like to live in a place where it is glorious every day, but then I wonder would I appreciate the beautiful sun filled days as much. I loved the pouting child part…it captures well the feelings.

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