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I’d like to learn acupuncture of the ear, to ease someone’s pain. I’d like to learn how to stand on my head for meditative periods of time. I want to learn chess and how to bake bread. I want to know how to sew my own clothes and to speak Japanese. I want to figure out how to grow lettuce, basil, and chives, how to grow pumpkins so they thrive. I want to learn to drive standard, my father tried to teach me, one winter in Germany, but I didn’t master it. I want to learn to kayak. I want to learn the banjo. And how to recognize birds by their songs and their shapes in the sky. And how to walk the territory of dreams and wake up knowing where I’ve been—and why.


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3 thoughts on “List

  1. Hey Beth,
    This post made me feel emotional. So simple…but a great reflection of things that you want to do, mayhave missed along the way so far. I think as we get older it becomes more clear what we really want and what is important! I wish for you to accomplish these things that are not beyond reach by any stretch! Maybe you can bake some bread for our retreat! Great pic. You can grow lettuce in a pot.
    BIg hugs. ZAx

    1. Thanks, Za – for reading my blog and commenting on it – I love getting that quick feedback! Yeah, maybe I will grow some herbs this summer on my back porch if it ever gets hot! Basil and dill. Mmmmm. Your garden post was inspiring!

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