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On my Kitchen Table II

An antique sugar bowl filled with tan and brown speckled plastic eggs; a fisheye lamography camera, its box and instructions, along with a 3 pack of 35 mm film; a digital camera in a mauve hemp bag; a borrowed New Yorker devoted to food; a 2011 Audobon agenda; a book on writing and teaching called Unless it moves the Human Heart by Roger Rosenblatt sitting beside Auras and Chakras by Fiona Toy; two sand-coloured ribbed cotton placemats; a white napkin, folded in quarters; a fragment of a Lindt chocolate Easter bunny with its dishevelled foil packaging around it and lying nearby, the corrugated brown ribbon and bell which decorated it; a glass of chilled gunpowder tea; a wooden bookstand, folded; a book catalogue and a bulb catalogue; a summer 2-for-1 coupon book in green paper; a mottled rock from Cavendish beach; The Best Casserole Cookbook Ever by Beatrice Ojakangas; a box of tissues; a purple notebook bound with gold elastic; a box of memo paper decorated with a 19th century French motif; a blue-flowered tea bowl; two bookmarks; an unread novel by Anthony Trollope; 2 notepads; the May edition of The Buzz; two copies of Riddlefence; a watercolour card of downtown Guelph; an art noveau tile with a faded blue design, on top of which sit glass salt and pepper shakers and a small clock set in a piece of polished wood; A Working Writers Daily Planner 2011; a napkin holder with two kinds of cloth napkins inside; a button which says “I ♥ PEI”; a children’s book called The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds; and a cream-coloured tablecloth embroidered with swirling leaf-like shapes.

Sugar Bowl


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4 thoughts on “On my Kitchen Table II

  1. Beth,

    I found a collection of notes exchanged between you and me, written during calculus class, and thought I must write to you. How are you doing out there on the right coast?


  2. Thanks, Za! I appreciate your comment. I don’t know where the eggs came from – they were a gift from my beloved. I have lots of kids books – I will show you next time you are here. I did this “exercise” before in late 2009 – you can see it at:

    or go to the category on the right labelled “writing exercises” and you can find it easily. My table actually looks a lot tidier than it did in that other post, so I was surprised by how much stuff I still have on it! Also, it is interesting to see what is the same – I didn’t check the old post before doing the new one.

    I will check your blog today! 🙂

  3. Hi Beth,
    Wow, that’s interesting. So simple, but a a glimpse into a small part of your life. (or a broader part if we thought about each item more).
    I love it. I plan to post a blog entry today. I should learn from your entries. Short and sweet. I have trouble with that. Thanks for sharing! Love the bowl. Who makes fake eggs like that? where are they from. Intrigued about the eggs and why you have a kids book.
    za x

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