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T-Shirt Biography


Michelangelo Shirt
Michelangelo Painting Shirt

Bought in 1995 from street vendor by JP while waiting in the line-up for the Vatican museum, brought home to me as souvenir of his first trip to Italy. Treasured. Worn often. Soft, soft black cotton. Accidentally left in the washing machine at the Montreal laundromat on Sherwood near Beaconsfield. Forgotten. Miraculously found on subsequent visit, soaking wet, inadvertently tie-dyed by unsuspecting patron using bleach. Thrown in the drier, brought home lovingly by me. Worn while exuberantly painting dining room Chinese lantern orange with JP in first house, Charlottetown. Also worn while painting other rooms yellow, soft lilac, creamy white and also, the back deck brown. Intermittently worn for gardening, especially in summer. For example: bleeding heart bush, pansies, gladioli, hostas, or pulling up members of excessive fern colony from backyard garden. Later, worn while painting bedroom mauve and dining room robin’s egg blue in first solo apartment. In second solo apartment, kept for a time in handy underbed plastic storage unit with other seemingly non-essential clothing for everyday wear. Sought out and worn for painting project of writing office: soft coffee colour covering irritatingly brash green chosen by misguided former tenant. Washed. Lies nestled with others in t-shirt drawer. Seen often. Treasured. Worn occasionally. Beloved. Soft, soft cotton.


alchemist, writer, artist, creativity mentor, seeker of beauty and joy

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