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First Snow

Friday was the first snowfall of the season. My boyfriend and I were walking to a local craft fair to see some friends’ booths and snow collected on my coat, purse, hat, jeans. I laughed to see his hair had gone white in just 10 minutes! There is something about the first snowfall that always delights me. I tend to feel low energy in November and in recent years felt depressed. This year I have been enjoying November, but even so, I got a burst of energy with the snow. New projects, Christmas plans, organizing stuff, housecleaning even on my mind! I don’t like having to wear boots again (I haven’t cleaned mine off yet; I’ve been slipping around in my running shoes) and I don’t like having to bundle up in multiple layers to just get out of my house, but I love the light that snow brings. Snow is so physical, so tactile! Snow interacts with you! Sometimes I wonder if my excitement comes from being born in The South – where a snowfall was a truly exciting event – and it didn’t last long. I remember getting off the school bus once disappointed because the grass was sticking through the morning’s snowfall. I love it – early winter. New colours in the landscape. New sounds (crunch of snow underfoot, snowplough, shoveling, icicles falling to the ground). Last night, walking home in the evening I saw a tiny snowman outside an apartment building – he’d been given a small yellow fireman’s hat and was holding a stick in his hand. That cheerful little fellow looked ready for anything. When winter starts to drag on I’ll try to remember his example and the pure white energy of first snow.


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