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Messy Wonderful Food

Some of you who know me are witnesses to my odyssey with food. Since March of this year, thanks to Madelaine and Pat at Forever Healthy, my allergies are being reversed one by one, and I’m able to eat foods I haven’t eaten since the early 90’s such as cheese, ice cream, and apples. Tonight I made tacos for supper. Wow! I don’t think I’d had a homemade taco since the 80’s. I bought some taco shells in spring when I started eating corn again; they sat in my cupboard waiting…until tonight. Until I could break: The Salsa Barrier. My tacos – roast chicken sautéed with Swiss chard topped with fresh chopped tomato, mild salsa, grated provolone cheese, and a dollop of plain yogurt – were amazing. The taco shell was crisp and delicate, the other flavours fresh and piquant, the chicken tender. Hallelujah! The up side to the years of a severely restricted diet of simple, bland food (and believe me I had to work hard at times to find an up side) is that flavours now taste spectacular. Even mild salsa. I can’t take a flavour for granted. My taste buds are sensitive, full of anticipation. The tacos of course fell apart in my hands as I ate them. Messy food. I even wondered if I should have put my hair in a ponytail! Delicious food. The taste of my fingers, part of it all. The satisfaction of it. The child-like fun of eating messy tasty food from my fingers. The taste of nourishment.


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