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Magnolia II

On my way to work this morning at 10 to 8, finally a sunny morning though still a little cool, crossing the road at Brighton, cars in a hurry to get to work, sidewalks with little anthills everywhere, past ‘All Souls Chapel’, past the first park and coming up to my favourite corner of that route, Rochford and Kent, walking on the bit with no sidewalk, on the road or over the discreet track through grass, my mind deep in thought about evaluation and why I hate giving numbers to things, glancing at the little white magnolia between the sidewalk and the street, already losing, lost, many of the petals, when lo! in the sidegarden of that small house on the corner shone forth a tall, resplendent magnolia tree with the morning sun behind the creamy yellow flowers. Huge flowers, gentle, rich yellow. Standing still, my eyes drinking, drinking the gorgeous petals, the morning light, the surprise of it (never noticed even the buds on this tree before), standing still, not on my way anywhere anymore, just in awe actually. Just awestruck.


alchemist, writer, artist, creativity mentor, seeker of beauty and joy

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