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Getting Up Early

I used to have a “rule” that I wouldn’t get up before 6 am unless I had a flight to catch. I have 2 friends that get up at 5:30 to go to the gym or to go for a run. I admire them for their fortitude and determination, but I used to secretly suspect there was something almost masochistic about rising at dawn to exercise.

At the end of November, I accepted a temporary office job in the downtown area beginning at 8 am, and now I’m walking to work at sunrise. And loving it! Who would have thought?

The first couple of days, I got up at 6 am, but I discovered that I didn’t have enough time to write my morning pages. So, I took a deep breath and set my alarm for 5:45. Now, after I’ve done my other morning tasks, when I sit down at my desk, I can still see the moon in the Western sky. As I write, I watch the sky move from indigo to robin’s egg blue, or on a cloudy morning, to a slumberous grey. Throughout, the crows ramble in raucous strings across the skyline above the neighbour’s roof, rising early and heading out to their mysterious daily work.

I suspect it’s not only the time of day, but also the walk along the downtown streets that I love. This morning in particular was stunning. The wind was still, the lawns and trees were snow-covered, tipped in ice, and in the pre-dawn light, all colours were delicate. As I walked South, I admired the sky over the harbor, a blend of creamy pink and light blue, shot through with orange. A few blocks from the water, I saw a silver spoon half revealed, reaching up through the ice.

Gifts this season come from the most unexpected places.


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3 thoughts on “Getting Up Early

  1. What a nice coincidence! I am working on a piece of writing, a kind of list with meditations, and the first item is about time, and what time is the best for writing.
    Enjoyed reading your words,

    1. Thanks, Taline. I made a brief visit to your blog and enjoyed your writing. I will visit again when I have some relaxed time. I think any time is a good time for writing, it just depends on what kind of writing one wants to do! Let me know if you post the piece you mentioned (meditations) on your blog. I’d like to read it. All the best, Beth

  2. Wow – you are doing so well! I am like your former incarnation, and consider it an offence to my system to get up early! 🙂 But I’m delighted it has turned out to be a rich time for you. I think I may stick to reading about it through your observant and perceptive eyes, however…. By far the best experience of dawn I could have.

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