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The Abundance List

I created a set of questions I call The Abundance List in the summer of 2005 when I was facing a devastating loss. I knew I would have to remind myself often of a day’s value otherwise my grief would blot out all. Answering the list nightly became a sustaining and enriching practice, and I still do it though my life is happier. I am sometimes given (or can’t help buying) gorgeous blank books, which I use for my lists.

 The Abundance List

1. What is one thing that I’m grateful for today?

2. What is one thing that I saw today?

3. What is one thing that I did to say “yes” to myself today?

4. What is one thing that I learned today?

5. What is one thing that I did right today?

6. What is one thing I particularly liked that I saw or experienced today?

The answers to these questions can be big or small. For example, today I could say, “I’m grateful to be at home tonight. I saw the big tree in the backyard rising above the blue house. To say yes to myself, I cooked myself a good supper. I learned how to look up CD’s on the computer at work. One thing I did right was buy bananas at the grocery store. One thing I particularly enjoyed was waking up and seeing my lover’s face.”

Even on a miserable day, I can answer these questions and see a blossom in the rain.


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2 thoughts on “The Abundance List

  1. I think I know something of what you mean about having to go through the negativity first, litlove. As I mentioned in an earlier post about daily habits, I write 3 pages every morning, stream of consciousness stuff. My negativity, if there’s any lurking about, usually comes out there, first thing! I have also found that in the bigger cycles of my life, a day of hitting emotional bottom causes me to make changes or reach out for support and is usually followed by days of gratitude and high spirits. Thanks for adding your perspective; I like to hear it.

  2. What a lovely list! Over the past year I’ve made a big effort to be more grateful – I have a lot of be grateful for, but I found it hard. The negativity got in the way. Funnily enough, I had to write that out first. It had sort of got clogged inside, bound up in all kinds of feelings it had seemed morally wrong and frightening for me to experience. Once I’d done that, though, I saw my way much clearer to feeling gratitude in an authentic, moving way. I’ll have to instate your list or something like it in my own life now.

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